Ingrown Hair Treatment

Ingrown Hair Treatment Methods 1. Use tweezers.  Cleanse the tweezers by applying peroxide.  Pluck the hair near the skin,  and dab with peroxide. 2. Exfoliate the skin often to get rid of dead skin cells that may trap growing hair. 3. Shave less often and shave in the direction the hair is growing. PFB Vanish […]

Recipe Vegan Vegetarian Meatloaf

Meatloaf has been one of my favourite comfort foods for almost as long as I can remember. When I stopped eating meat, I decided to replace some of the foods I had previously enjoyed with vegetarian versions. As I am also allergic to tomatoes, I often make meals from scratch rather than rely on pre-packaged […]

Raw Country Cranberry Relish Recipe

A Southern Holiday Family Favorite This cherished, southern, country recipe is an old family favorite and has been for many years, served for both the Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays. It has been enjoyed by aunts, uncles,cousins, grandparents,neighbors and family friends. It is a sweet, fruity relish and is always in demand, by all.  This flavorful, holiday cranberry relish is a nice light side […]

Recipe Zucchini Pie

Main Course Zuccini Pie With its delicate flavor and aromatic smell, zucchini has been a family favorite since my husband planted our first home garden. Over the years,  I discovered several  zucchini –based recipes for main-course meals and side dishes that appealed to my entire family. One of their all-time favorites is Zucchini Pie, which is a perfect main course for fall […]

Pros and Cons of Consuming Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are beverages that contain high amounts of carbohydrates and vitamins to help the body replenish the fluids and nutrients burned during exercising and sporting events. The general notion that sports drinks are only beneficial to our body is wrong, for the most part because the overconsumption of sports drinks can cause real harm […]

Reasons to Avoid Buffet Restaurants

On the surface, a buffet style restaurant appears to be the epitome of convenience; all the food you could ever want spread out in front of you.  No browsing over menus or waiting for your food to arrive.  No concerns over tiny portions.  Perfect, right? Not quite, my friends.  Even though buffets are a fast […]

Pop Tarts Store Opens in Times Square Pop Tarts Sushi on the Menu

Kellogg’s has ventured to reach beyond the consumer breakfast table and has decided to bring their own dining area to the public. On Tuesday, August 10, 2010 the company who has been selling breakfast items since 1906 is opening a Pop-Tarts store in New York city at one of the Big Apple’s most busiest locations, […]

Perfect Apple Pie Recipe

Here is an old fashioned apple pie recipe that has been held in high esteem for three generations.  It is made using a mixture of several varieties of apples, each one lending its own superb essence to the pie. Even the crust of this pie is a generational family secret, but secrets don’t belong in […]